Sunday, October 25, 2009

New IR Poll: 15-pt Conservative Lead

The National Post has a little information on the new Ipsos-Reid poll, taken between October 20 and October 22 and involving 1,003 Canadians.

The only information to be gleaned from the report is that the Conservatives are at 40%, the Liberals at 25%, the NDP at 13%, and the Greens are at 11%. Strong results for the Greens and Conservatives, very weak for the Liberals and NDP.

In Ontario, the Conservatives lead the Liberals 41% to 32% (which, with the MOE, is within 2008's result) while in Quebec the Bloc is doing very well at 42% with the Liberals at 22% and the Conservatives at 18%. Such a huge gap between the Bloc and the two major federalist parties would mean big Bloc gains.

I'll have more information once Ipsos-Reid puts up the details of this poll onto their site.