Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Liberal brand takes 10-year beating

In business, branding is an integral factor in getting your product sold. Done correctly, it helps keep existing customers loyal and attracts new ones. It’s no different in politics – and over the last decade the Liberal brand has declined in the face of its more successful Conservative competitor.

The rest of the article can be read on The Globe and Mail website.

The connection between a federal and provincial party can sometimes be very weak. As I point out in my piece, it can sometimes by in name only (I'm looking at you, BC Liberals). In many cases, voters completely differentiate their provincial and federal voting habits. In other cases, a Liberal voter in Quebec, for example, is a Liberal voter at both levels of government.

At the minimum, I think there is an undeniable sub-conscious effect of seeing the Liberals, Conservatives, or New Democrats doing badly at either the provincial or federal level. Being used to voting one way provincially would undoubtedly have some effect on federal voting habits, perhaps even without realizing it.

I usually keep to a one-a-day schedule, but not today. Don't miss this morning's post on the new Abacus Data poll, and stay tuned for an afternoon post after Angus-Reid's latest findings. With EKOS coming tomorrow, it will make for a very busy week.