Saturday, September 26, 2009

New AR Poll: 8-pt Conservative Lead

Angus-Reid has released a new poll today, confirming the EKOS poll from Thursday. It was taken between September 23 and September 24 and involved 997 Canadians.

I only have time right now for a brief summary, but will return with a more detailed analysis later today.

The national result:

Conservatives - 37%
Liberals - 29%
New Democrats - 16%
Bloc Quebecois - 9%
Greens - 8%

So the Liberal and Conservative results are almost identical to EKOS's poll. The Ontario results of 44% for the Conservatives and 30% for the Liberals, however, is much worse for Michael Ignatieff.

The poll also had leadership questions and full regional breakdowns, which I will address later today. I'll also project the seat totals from this poll.


  1. Some fascinating stuff in the numbers:

    1) Jack Layton should NOT be written off. He has the least negative momentum of the three national leaders and he's still the most trusted on the environment and healthcare.

    2) Ignatieff has seen a huge drop in popularity in BC and Ontario. Like Dion he's becoming WEAKER than the national Liberal brand. And those out of touch and arrogant numbers could really turn people off.

    3) Harper should really be hoping that Layton votes non-confidence this fall...

  2. Iggy's becoming stale. The Liberals kept hyping him up as the anti-Harper, the everything Dion wasn't, the second coming of Trudeau, and he can't deliver.

    He's like a rain soaked rocket that fizzles ten feet into the air before returning to the ground.

    He's uncharismatic, he's old, he's got an awkward smile, he comes across as arrogant and condescending, he says one thing and then contradicts himself (HST, China, asbestos, deficit/spending, Iraq War, enhance interrogations, etc.), he has no policies and only the vaguest of talking points.

    He's a real amateur. Sorry to say this but he may be an intelligent man, but he looks like he has no idea how to politik.


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