Monday, March 22, 2010

Central Asian dictators don't even fake numbers like this

Corporate Research Associates, you gotta love 'em, took the time to ask Newfoundlanders what everyone already knew.The Progressive Conservatives lead in Newfoundland & Labrador by 65-points. Yep. They have 80%, and even that is a three point gain since November 2009. It is a nine-point gain since February 2009.

The Liberals are at 15%, down one from November but seven from February of last year. The NDP is hardly a party with 5%, down two from November.

What is more incredible is the level of satisfaction: 93%. What is even more incredible is the level of dissatisfaction: 3%!

Obviously, Danny Williams is the favourite for premier with 81% support. What is astonishing is that most other party leaders have trouble even coming close to their party's level of support. Williams does them one better and beats his own party. Heart surgery, schmart schmurgery.

Yvonne James of the Liberals is at 8% and Lorraine Michael of the NDP is at 5%. Leading these parties must be depressing.

Anyway, I first made the bold prediction of a Williams majority in the next election back at the end of 2009. People called me crazy. Now that we're a few months closer to it, and Williams has confirmed he will run again, I have to say my impression hasn't changed.


  1. I wonder if low popularity ratings for the opposition goes hand in hand with high popularity for the government.

    I mean, when you have the run of the place I would think there's less partisanship, and less reason for the public to divide themselves up. But the numbers here at least, may suggest that only those who disapprive of the premier approve of the opposition.

  2. I wonder if Danny Williams could look forward for a clean sweep. In NB, the Liberals needed "only" 60% to win every single seat in the 1987 Provincial election. Newfoundland PCs won 69% in 2007, yet fell short of a clean sweep. But if they manage to maintain their support at 80% then they may have a chance to defeat even the strongest opposition candidates.

  3. That's unholy right there.

  4. Eric - that is the funniest title I've ever read! And it's quite true, which makes it even better!

  5. The funny thing is that for all his power Danny Williams is the one who's backed down against Harper.

    He felt the equilization axe and ran the ABC campaign. But where did it get him ?

    Frozen out with no representation in gov't.

    Now he's making nice. No more "Steve". Williams said their latest meeting was "warm and fuzzy". He's promised there will be no more ABC next election.

    Watch out for :

    Avalon, St. John's East, and St. John's South – Mount Pearl.

  6. Shadow

    The people of Newfoundland and Labrador were well aware that there would be no Cabinet Minister from the province when the Conservatives were shut out in 2008 but no one cares.

    "Watch out for :

    Avalon, St. John's East, and St. John's South – Mount Pearl."

    What are we suppose to watch out for exactly?

  7. Watch out for the CPC taking their seats back in those ridings.

    Danny Williams has backed down from the ABC campaign.

  8. Shadow

    Danny Williams' ABC campaign did not have as big of an effect on the poor reults as most would think, people already had their minds made up on the CPC. Unless the Conservatives manage to get a real star candiate somewhere in the St. John's metro they will have no chance at all of winning a seat next election.

  9. Completely off topic (as is my MO), but Danielle Smith continues to impress.

    This bodes well, for the future of Canadian conservatism.

  10. Also, why did Keith Martin have to turn into a lib?

    And can we please try to get him back?

    He's talking some good sense about Canadian health care here.

    Something there is little of, in this country.

  11. Shadow Said:

    "Watch out for :

    Avalon, St. John's East, and St. John's South – Mount Pearl."

    Prior to the rearrangement over the Atlantic Accord, the CPC would likely have taken Random-Burin, Gander, and Labrador (6 out of 7 seats), but unless a new agreement can be reached on Royalty Revenues, which there likely won't it may be more likely that the CPC as a Reform/Harrisite alliance may be shut out of NL for a generation.

    St. John's East is now Jack Harris' safe NDP seat. Which he brought a lot of personal respect from being the provincial NDP leader, and friend (former law colleague) to the preiemer. With 70% of vote, and most of it from former provincial PCer's his seat is safe. St. John's South-Mount Pearl may be a fight with the NDP. And only Avalon may become a fight if a star John Crosbie like candidate emerges. You would need someone with the stature of Rex Murphy or General Rick Hillier who would have a chance of winning a seat again the Danny Williams machine.

    The challenge in NL, will be the debate over provincial health care services. The Doctors are negotiating with the provence, and Danny will not raise their pay. Many are threatening to leave, and some specialists, and many support staff (including some from my family) have left because the NL Health Care system is NOT a positive working environment and frankly there is better pay & benefits in other jurisdictions. Danny will win the next election, but if he does not move forward with steps to refrom health care delivery (either by opening private incentives, or improving the working environment), the NL health system will continue to decline.

  12. Had Stephen Harper not lied to Newfoundland and Labrador the conservatives could have done very well, especially if they had support from the PC caucus.

    I think for the most part Newfoundlanders and Labradorians made up their own minds about Harper and didn't need the ABC campaign but I do think the campaign had a big effect nationwide and without it we may have a majority government now wheather people like to believe it or not.

  13. What's more likely is that ABC will work again and then Danny will start to re-energise the Atlantic Canada Tory seat holders who are really Progressive Conservatives and from that base start to rebuild the party.

    Bring it on I say.

  14. Peter

    Danny has said he is finsihed with the ABC campaign, though I would like to see the PC party back. I feel that the majority of Conservatives in Eastern Canada are reslly PCs and Red Tory's.

    I find the current Conservative party under Harper really scary and will vote Liberal as long as he's leading the party. I was kind of hoping to see the Progressive Canadian party become something but it doesn't seem like it will.

  15. I am no expert on Newfoundland, and Labrador politics, but they seem to really, really, like Danny.


    I'm sorry I have never heard of the Progressive Canadian Party.

    What is it?

  16. Don't always listen to what Danny says, he's a politician, that ABC was a real achievement.

    He hasn't missed the import !!

  17. It was a party formed in 2004 out of Progressive Conservatives who did not like the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the PCs. They ran cnadidates in the last 3 elections with little support and the most candidates they nominated was 25 in 2006 and they only nominated 10 in 2008. Some members have sinced joined the Liberals.

  18. Peter,

    Gonna stick around ?

  19. J,

    Thanks I didn't know that.

    IMHO the conservatives on the East coast of Canada, are more from the PC wing of the party.

    I don't think Harper is a major selling point there.

    After Guergis insulting PEI, maybe it just got a little harder for the CPC, in Atlantic Canada.

  20. 49

    "Gonna stick around ?"

    Only until the CRAP trolls arrive. Then I'm outta here. I can only stand so much garbage !!

    You know where I hang out, you've been there. C'mon over and stay a bit.

  21. J

    "who did not like the merger of the Canadian Alliance and the PCs. "

    Hell a whole lot of us didn't like that, you get to thank MacKay for that piece of crap !!

    Now get together with Danny an revitalize the party !

  22. Sadly I doubt Danny will be doing much in the way of federal politics.

    According to things I have read it is thought that when Harper leaves, which hopefully will be soon, the Conservatives could really suffer with keeping the blue and red tory's united.

  23. Peter, J

    Are not our CPC supporters always telling us there are no fractures in the CPC

  24. J

    Danny is like any other politician in that if he see's an opportunity ??

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. 49

    "Are not our CPC supporters always telling us there are no fractures in the CPC"

    Can you say They Lie !!

  27. I honestly don't think Danny Williams is like many politicians that just because he sees oppertunity doesn't mean he will take it.

    He is 60 years old now and plans on being involved in provincial politics for a few years yet. He has said he doesn't want to get involved in federal politics and I cannot imagine at 65+ years of age that he will.

  28. J

    One can usually with a degree of safety figure any provincial leader, glimpsing national position, will do the exact opposite of what he says.

  29. I am not from Newfoundland, but Williams does seem different.

    IMHO he just does what he thinks is best for Newfoundland, and Labrador.

    I think he puts his province's interests before his own.

    I also remember a very gracious statement he made a few years ago.

    As Ontario was in need of equalization, and Newfoundland was turning into a "Have province" he said it was Newfoundland's turn to help Ontario.

    That seemed to me say he was a man of principle.

  30. I honestly don't no how the rest of Canada really perceives Danny Williams. He's been a very controversial figure and has had a lot of bad press, especially lately.
    As well there are lots of Canadians who are very prejudice towards Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, which I think would have an effect on any Newfoundander or Labradorian being a high profile federal politican, though Brian Tobin did it.

  31. 49 steps I think things just got a lot harder for the Liberals in Atlantic Canada after Michael Ignatieff insulted them all the way he did.


    Speaking to an audience in Newfoundland he got the name of where he was wrong.

    Incredibly disrespectful.

    Much worse than Geurgis insulting the PEI airport. Everyone knows she loves that province, vacations there with family every year.

    Insulting an entire town or an airport ? I know which is worse.

  32. Quite bluntly, drop the negative viewpoint.

    Accentuate the positive here.

  33. J

    I'm from Manitoba. I have absolutely no prejudice towards Newfoundland.

    I can honestly say that I dont perceive any anti Newfoundland bias here at all.

    As a "have not province", I think we can relate to Newfoundland.

    Brian Tobin was good. But I think his French was lacking, which pretty much disqualified him as a potential leader of the LPOC

  34. Shadow

    Where did Ignatieff say he was because I didn't hear anything about that.

  35. There are still lots of negative comments on websites about the stupid welfare newfies and etc. I don't no how much further it goes then that but it's definitly still out there.

  36. Shadow,

    Thank you for once again trying to rationalize the behaviour of Helena Guergis.

    If what you say is true, it is in no way the same thing.

    If you can not see that, then I feel sorry for you.

    Yesterday you had the nerve to call me weird.

    After that statement of yours, you Sir are beyond weird.

  37. J

    Shadow lies to suit his objective.

    OK 49, the CRAP trolls are here, you know where I hang out Catch you later

  38. mmm Danny Millions. The man who took down the Canadian flag in protest of the Paul Martin governments handling of off shore royalty issue, and its attachment to equalization. (At which point Finance Minister Goodale caved in and offered up a sweetheart deal that other provinces didn't have access to, and which would protect NL royalty revenues from the equalization program... far from the "helping Ontario" line 49steps insists upon)

    Years later he goes ballistic when Harper attempts to re-balance equalization. (tho thankfully he didn't take the flag down again.) Mostly it would seem because he would have to choose between that deal, and an enriched equalization program that he had to give up the deal to get into.

    I look forward to the day when he retires as premier and a new leader of the PC party emerges. Then the flag can be raised and I will be able to consider NL part of Canada again.

  39. J,

    It's funny you talking that way about Newfoundland.

    In Manitoba we feel the same.

    We feel that we are also looked down upon.

    We are the butt of quite a few jokes.

    You know are cold winters, and our mosquito infested summers, get a lot of traction, as jokes.

    That is why I can honestly say in Manitoba, there is no anti Newfoundland bias here.

    We can relate

  40. Speaking of Geurgis at the airport 49... In 2001 (nov 3) when former Defense Minister John McCallum was barred from boarding an Air Canada flight... because he was too drunk... How much of a ruckus did you raise? How many people demanded he resign?? Did he? Did the media coverage over the liberal MP equal that of what either Geurgis or Jaffer received?

  41. Ahh Barcs Danny taking down the Canadian flag in protest after Paul Martin lied, I believed it was one of the finest moves in the Williams administration and he got exactly what he was looking for. His plan look marvelously.

  42. Barcs,

    Maybe if Mcallum, had snorted a little cocaine it would have received more attention.

    I know maybe if he had snorted cocaine, then drank, and then got into a car and started driving it would have got more attention.

    Jaffer should thank his lucky stars he didn't kill anyone.

    Kinda puts a drunken Mcallum in perspective doesn't it.

    At least he wasn't driving a car.

    And good old Jaffer, can also thank his lucky stars we have a charter (you know the one the cons don't like)

    Kept his sorry butt out of prison.

  43. It did. It got him what he wanted (short term)..... but what about the long game? Did it help him when the tories wanted to change equalization? Did it help him win projects from equalization when he had no MP's at the government table? Do you think it will give him a shot at being PM if he take a fancy to the idea??

    Short term it helped him.... what's the next step in the long game? did that short game make the long game longer? I certainly wouldn't vote to help out NL while he leads it.

  44. That seems dangerously close to liable there 49.... since there was no conviction.

    Could you clarify it for me?? Why did you put Cocaine and Jaffer in the same post for??

  45. Danny has no aspirations to be PM, he has a much better job.

    No province technically has representation at the Cabinet table, but Danny Williams as well as all of Newfoundland and Labrador new there was a good chance of not having a Newfoundlander and Labradorian sitting around the Cabinet table. No one really cared though.

  46. Barcs,

    Get real.

    He had cocaine.

    He beat the rap on a technicality.

    I am surprised those tough on crime tories, did not insist he name his dealer.

    If you think I have libeled the sainted Rahim Jaffer, you alert the proper authorities, and they can sue me.

  47. I don't have as much of a problem with Danny as I used to. I'm not so hot for the usual demands regarding equalization, which is never something owed or entitled; but generally he's run his province well for the benefit of the population and ensured the best possible payback for their oil resources. There aren't many premiers who are willing to risk being labeled anti-business.

    I don't see the Conservatives as all too likely to retake the seats they lost previously. Danny may not be actively campaigning, but he's not going to endorse them, and the public won't have changed their opinions without Danny walking back the previous reasons they were angry at the the Conservative party.

    As for the wisdom of ABC; Having a seat at the table is overrated. Ontario Conservatives were perfectly willing to screw over their own province with the earlier version of electoral reform, so I doubt Newfoundland MPs would have been of any use in that party.

    Newfoundland's influence is only proportionate to the amount of seats they can give Harper. If he feels he needs seven seats, he'll make nice with Williams, otherwise he'll risk zero.

    Williams was making nice because he was hoping for intervention on the NB/QB deal. The fact that Harper won't help just means Williams won't do that again.

  48. Newfoundland native Tim Powers broke the story on Friday's powerplay.

    Ignatieff made the mistake of saying he was in St. John's while talking to kids in the city of Mount Pearl.

    How insulting and amateur of Iggy.

  49. 49 steps of course youre statement is libel.

    100% libel.

    You just accused Jaffer of purchasing drugs, which is a crime.

    You have ZERO evidence that the cocaine was his. It could have been planted. It could have been a friends. Who knows.

    Shameful, disgusting libel.

    Please don't make such actionable statements in the future, i'm sure Eric wants a drama free blog.

  50. Loyola Hearn never stood up for Newfoundland and Labrador at the Cabinet table so I agree kevinsutton that a seat at the Cabinet table is overrated. How many actually risk their Cabinet post and pick up for their own province I wonder?

    Harper has being playing nice with Danny Williams lately because unlike he said in 2006 or 2007 he does, or did, need Newfoundland and Labrador to win a majority government.

  51. Seeing Mount Pearl is pretty much just a neighbourhood of St. John's it is not all that insulting, especially seeing the only one to pick up on it was the stupid Tim Powers who obviously doesn't give a crap about NL anyways.

    How exactly is that immature especially when you compare it to Helena Guergis tantrum, what is she in her terrible twos?

  52. Shadow,

    Since Ignatieff forgetting a name in your book is a criminal offence.

    How did you feel when CPC MP Gerald Keddy called unemployed Nova Scotians "No Good Bastards"

    My oh My how shameful, how disgusting, how disrespectful to Nova Scotia.

    And you can stop with your sanctimony, if you can see no difference between Guergis and Ignatieff you are truly beyond help.

  53. Yeah Shadow. Hate to say it, but I've been there, and St. John's just kind of turns into Mount Pearl as you drive into it.

    But... it does kind of look silly when 'the rock star' says the wrong city name on a tour.

    Either way, probably not a big deal. He can screw up in lots of other ways - like saying he didn't miss a thing in the HOC while he was on tour - does that mean he doesn't think his caucus was doing any work while he was gone?

  54. Dunno Hinchey,

    68 persons with absences
    14 Tories (10% of caucus)
    3 Bloc (that is pretty good)
    7 NDP (19% of caucus)
    42 liberals (14 with 3 or more)

    I don't think that counts the last few days of the last week....

    The Liberals might be working... but it doesn't seem to be inside parliament. Wonder why they were so adamant about getting it back??

  55. To be fair Shadow 49 didn't say Jaffer bought it... he said that he had it.

    But I don't recall a conviction on possession either let alone purchase. *shrug*

  56. Hey Barcs this is what 49 steps said that I was refering to:

    "insist he name his dealer"

    That phrase pretty clearly says that Jaffer has a personal dealer who has sold him drugs.

    Its a ridiculous assertion for which there is ZERO evidence.

    As I said for all we know the drugs in question were left in the glove compartment by a family friend.

    Its why its smart not to go around making these kind of statements.

  57. Hey Hinchey, J, have you ever been to Burnaby? With the big mall off the skytrain station, Metrotown.

    You could call it "Vancouver", all the cities in the Greater Vancouver Metro area sorta blur together.

    But its a seperate city with a seperate name.

    And when you're speaking to residents of the city it would be disrespectful to say you are in Vancouver.

    You would say you are in Burnaby.

    Same deal in Newfoundland. Its not the end of the world. But when you do retail politics its the little things that get to people.

  58. Shadow, from what I understand, it would actually be the St. John's residents who would be more offended by the name snafu. Something to do with Mount Pearl thinking they're so close they might as well be St. John's.

    But I see your point. Don't know how big of a deal it is, but grasp for whatever works - that strategy is certainly working for the Liberals right now, isn't it?

  59. Hey Hinchey I wouldn't even bother with it.

    Its just a good thing to keep in your back pocket when people like 49 steps bring up the "Geurgis called PEI a hellhole" lie.

    The fact is that she may have called the airport a hellhole, although nobody really knows what happened at all because the airport employees didn't do their jobs.

    If this really happened they should have filed an official complaint and issued a proper statement.

    They didn't so all we are left with is second hand gossip provided by Wayne Easter's office.

    The lie is obvious in its intention, to cost the CPC their one seat in the province and protect Wayne Easter.

  60. Shadow,

    Yes Guergis is all one great big lie.

    It is all a giant conspiracy, aimed at costing the CPC a seat.

    In fact she was a perfect angel in the PEI airport.

    It was all blown out of porportion, and she apologized for nothing.

    Jaffer was all a fairytals as well.

    Ignatiieff making a mistake on a name is HUGH.

    Wow, that little slip will cost every Liberal MP their seat in Atlantic Canada.

    You spin away everything. You very neatly didi not answer my question though.

    What did you think of Gerald Keddy calling unemployed Nova Scotians "No good Bastards"

    What an insulting, disgusting, disrespectful, thing to say, so reprehensible to the province of Nova Scotia.

    I forgot, I guess that never happened either.

    One of those neat things to have in your back pocket, as it were.

  61. 49
    "Yes Guergis is all one great big lie.

    It is all a giant conspiracy, aimed at costing the CPC a seat.

    In fact she was a perfect angel in the PEI airport."

    Now you should know why I won't stay around once they arrive.

    Lies, Spin, Obfuscation, Blatant Untruths, Character Assassination, Outright Refusal To Accept Facts

    And that's only for openers !!

    Drop by my normal place when you get a chance.

  62. J

    NL has been running a series of TV ads here in Central Canada to promote tourism. Quite bluntly some of the most incredible imagery I've ever seen.

    Sent links from their website to folks around the world and the response is always "WOW!!!".

    Superb job.

  63. Peter,

    Newfoundland Tourism is running those ads in Manitoba as well.

    What spectacular scenery. Must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

    Can you believe comparing Ignatieff's slip to Guergis?

    I never did get an answer about Gerald Keddy.

    Why do you think that is?

    Are you over at Delphi?

  64. I've always wanted to visit Newfoundland, beautiful scenery it looks like. Also would love to skip over to St. Pierre & Miquelon.

  65. Ignatieff was probably referring to Mount Pearl as St. John's because the whole area is as of lately being called the St. John's Capital District by the Premier and others.

    Shadow you never did gave us a link to the evidence that Ignatieff said this so I don't no how much we can trust you. You should not be even going around saying these absurb things unless your really able to back it up with proof and just showing us that Tim Powers said it means nothing. If people shouldn't say Jaffer bought drugs without proof you shouldn't say this either.

  66. I grew up in central NL, drove in to St. John's fairly often. Honestly I couldn't tell you when I was in Mount Pearl or not. It is like distinguishing Kanata from Ottawa, or Sackville/Bedford from Halifax. If Ignatieff made the mistake, no one will change their vote over it. Particularly since Mount Pearl is in the St. John's South-Mount Pearl riding.

  67. Eric - it is gorgeous.
    I've been there 5 times and will be going back this summer (I have family out there).

    Absolutely amazing place.
    And I've heard good things about St. Pierre et Miquelon as well.

    Do the trip. The pictures in the commercials don't even do the island justice!

  68. 49

    "Are you over at Delphi?"

    Yep, two different forums. C'mon along.

  69. 49 steps I wish you'd stop that lie about Keddy.

    Never happpened. Never.

    He made a remark about offering jobs to all the so called out of work people he sees when he goes into the city. Most refused him because they'd rather collect EI.

    Such people do indeed deserve scorn and everyone agreed with Keddy at the time except the glory hound mayor.

  70. going to respond to my comment Shadow?

  71. Nope J.

    If you want to call Tim Powers a liar that's your bussiness. I didn't see Warren Kinsella correcting him so you could tell the Liberal war room knew it stepped in it.

  72. Shadow,

    Nice try on Keddy

    He called them "No good Bastards"

    That is exactly what he said.

    That is what he called unemployed people in Nova Scotia.

    He thought they sould all be willing to work on his christmas tree farm.

    It's nice to see you staying true to form and towing the CPC line.

    Nothing they ever say or do warrants a rebuke from you.

    I guess Ignatieff's slip is a criminal offence, but "No good bastards" is just fine.

    I guess you never had a slip of the tongue, or a memory lapse in your entire life.

    If you will pardon me, you have made yourself look like a fool.

  73. "He thought they sould all be willing to work on his christmas tree farm."


    If you're collecting EI you're supposed to be actively looking for work. If someone offers you a job you're supposed to take it.

    "No good Bastards" refered specifically to people on the streets of Halifax with "out of work" signs begging for money.

    Keddy offers every single one he sees a job and they always say no.

    What he said was courageous and honourable!

    Good for him for standing up for hard working Nova Scotians.

  74. 49 steps what's Liberal policy on EI again ?

    Work a week and collect EI for the rest of the year or something ?

    And now you're supporting EI fraud.

    And complaining about EI premiums needing to go up after it was the Liberals who stole 50 billion from the fund when they "balanced" the budget.

  75. If you want to call Tim Powers a liar that's your bussiness.
    So, not believing someone is now calling them a liar?

    Meanwhile the spin cycle here in aid of Bonnie and Clyde has been hilarious!

  76. Shadow,

    So now you are admitting that Keddy did say "No good bastards"

    I thought you said it was all a lie and it never happened.

    LPOC policy is not germaine to the subject at hand.

    The CPC has been in office for over 4 years now.

    Keddy called the unemployed in Nova Scotia no good bastards and he meant it.

    He did back flips in the HOC, to apologize for it. He never denied that he said it.

    Is that official CPC policy to call people who happen to have the misfortune of being unemployed a bunch of no good bastards?

    You are starting to look more foolish by the day.

  77. Before it is pointed out I misspelled germaine.

    It should read germane

  78. 49 steps you're doing that twisting the truth thing again.

    Just like Geurgis never called PEI a hellhole (she was talking about the airport, she loves PEI).

    Keddy never insulted Nova Scotians. Nor did he call unemployed people in NS any names at all.

    He was talking about a specific group of people who he offered a job to and they refused.

    That's called EI fraud.

    So if you are any indication 49 steps the Liberal party is fully in support of EI fraud ??

  79. Shadow,

    Thank you

    You have very aptly displayed, your hypocrisy.

    You have also displayed a few other things which I can't mention.

    That statement of yours I will let stand on it's own.

    Congratulations you win the fool of the day award.

  80. EI Fraud is nothing to joke about 49 steps.

    I'm dissapointed that Liberals won't stand up for hard working Canadians like Keddy did.

  81. Shadow,

    I am disapointed that truth, and honesty are such strangers to you.

    You are so beyond partisan, that you can not even see that.

    That is why so many people on this board take such issue with you.

  82. He was talking about a specific group of people who he offered a job to and they refused.

    That's called EI fraud
    No, it's called libel. You offer alternative reasons, other than being a user, for why cocaine was allegedly found in Jaffer's car, yet you would have us believe that Keddy actually offered jobs to a whole series of people, that each one refused and that he verified each one is collecting EI, and each is medically able to work. Can you prove any of that? With something more than repeating your assertion.

    If not, stop it with the libel.

  83. 49

    That should be enough for a rant and shout !

  84. Shadow
    "Keddy never insulted Nova Scotians. Nor did he call unemployed people in NS any names at all."

    Just like Ignsstieff never insulted Mount Pearlers or Newfoundlanders and Labradorians because he didn't make the mistake that you and Tim Powers claim he did. I think it is all just a conspiracy by the Con lovers to make him look bad.

  85. Liberal supporter do you have any idea what libel is ?

    49 steps making the accusation that Jaffer purchased drugs is libel. They could have been bought by anyone. Obviously.

    Me objecting to EI fraud. Not so much.

  86. Liberal supporter do you have any idea what libel is ?
    Do you?

    49 steps making the accusation that Jaffer purchased drugs is libel. They could have been bought by anyone. Obviously.
    Claiming someone said something they did not is libel.

    Let's look at 49s comment:
    He had cocaine.
    This is a reasonable statement, given that every news account I can find, such as this one states he was charged with possession of cocaine. Jaffer only denied it after his aquittal. He also denies having driven impaired in that story, while the OPP evidence of his blowing over .08 is stated without qualifying it as alleged.

    He beat the rap on a technicality.
    Being denied counsel means you get to walk. It doesn't change the facts as they were reported. While 49 should have said Jaffer was charged with possession of cocaine, I don't see a cause of action because the statement was made as part of an argument pointing out the hypocrisy of his tough on crime defenders. He was in fact charged, and the law and order types are often using cases where there are only charges laid to flog their "law and order" agenda.

    I am surprised those tough on crime tories, did not insist he name his dealer.
    Continuing his argument, 49 wonders why the tough on crime types do not presume him guilty.

    If you think I have libeled the sainted Rahim Jaffer, you alert the proper authorities, and they can sue me.
    49 sets a trap. During discovery, it would be reasonable to demand a drug test, and possibly a search of the home. The fact he was charged with a drug offense gives reasonable cause to demand a test and possibly a search.

    Me objecting to EI fraud. Not so much.
    Yes it is. You are demanding that nobody even mention Jaffer was charged with cocaine possession and aquitted because he was denied counsel at the required times, trying to libel chill any discussion of it. While on the other hand accepting an account claiming Keddy offered several EI recipients a job that they were physically able to do and that they turned him down. Yet you continue to provide no evidence for this, and thus no justification for Keddy's statements, while claiming there "must" be fraud going on. So you are making claims that you can't prove are true, which is libel.

  87. Liberal supporter libel needs to be directed at an individual or organization and it needs to be damaging.

    Since there is no way of identifying who Keddy offered a job to there is no way of identifying who would grounds for a cause of action.

    Its a laughable assertion. If there is no victim there is no crime.

    As for 49 steps he said the following which you chose to ignore:

    "I am surprised those tough on crime tories, did not insist he name his dealer."

    Jaffer has a dealer eh ? That's an assertion right there that he has purchased drugs.

    It is made without evidence and is libel.

    Anyways this is turning into Scott Tribe's blog.

    Or Macleans comments section.

    "That's potentially actionable!!" Lol, go play lawyer somewhere else.

    Nobody has ever been sued in Canada for political commentary made on internet boards.

  88. "I am surprised those tough on crime tories, did not insist he name his dealer.
    Continuing his argument, 49 wonders why the tough on crime types do not presume him guilty. "

    I think a good analogy would be in my business. I am philosophically opposed to subsidies. But they exist. If my competition takes advantage of them, then I would be a fool not to because it would immediately give them an advantage over me.

    Its a game. And the liberals (the natural governing party of Canada) have set the ground rules through years and years of bills that have become laws. If the tories are not willing to play by the same rules that have been set up... then they are at a great disadvantage.

    If I thought your problem was with alleged crimes being left by the wayside and conspirators go free... I would be more sympathetic to your cries of two tier justice. However that doesn't appear to be the case to me. The sentences appear to be in line with what is generally handed out..... and you appear to be just up in arms because it it a Conservative minded person.

    If the rules are wrong,... you have the opportunity to help the conservatives fix them. Or you can sit and whine that people take advantage of the rules... and sometimes they are conservatives who shouldn't be allowed to.

  89. Barcs did you hear about that new case where a guy got off on child porn charges because of a bad search ?

    If you take your computer to a computer repair shop they can report someone if they find something criminal. But apparently the guy who did the reporting only saw links to sites, not actual content stored on the drive.

    So the search was declared illegal!

    The problem isn't the laws.

    The Charter is the problem. And lefty judges who enforce it.

  90. 49

    Apparently the Coulter "event" last night was canceled by her own security people, not the police, not Ottawa U but her own security. Too funny !!

  91. Sounds like the police advised Coulter that they couldn't keep her safe and that the event posed a public safety risk for her and the protesters.

    Her security did the right thing.

    Kinda sad that the police weren't able to keep somebody safe because of unhinged, violent lefties.

    Reminds me of the Olympic protests.

    Violence and vandalism is despicable. The political left has a lot to answer for.

  92. "Sounds like the police advised Coulter that they couldn't keep her safe and that the event posed a public safety risk for her and the protesters."

    They did nothing of the kind. The police were quite satisfied with the security situation.

    You need to get away from those Neo-Con blogs you read.

  93. Peter I read O'Malley's blog over at CBC and saw the DISGUSTING threats of violence that lefties had up on the facebook group.

    And the police never said anything like what you did.

    They said the final decision to shut the thing down was with Coulter's security.

    Yeah sure but if you say

    A) You're in danger
    B) We can't keep you safe

    Its pretty much the same thing as the police shutting you down.


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