Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dexter Still Killing the Opposition

Corporate Research Associates polled Nova Scotians for their provincial voting intentions in February, and we're seeing some movement.Darrell Dexter's New Democrats are still well ahead of the Liberals with 46% to their 26%. However, that is a drop of seven points for the NDP since November and a gain of four points for the Liberals. Nevertheless, the gap is 20 points, and since February of last year the NDP is still showing a gain of 10 points.

The leaderless Progressive Conservatives are at 22%, up one point since November but still down eight since this time last year. The Greens are at 5%, also up one point.

49% of Nova Scotians are satisfied with Dexter's government, down 14 points since November.

He is still the favourite for Premier, however, with 35% (down nine). Stephen McNeil of the Liberals is the best man for the job for 26% (up five) while the "next PC leader" is at 11%. Good for him/her!

In federal polls recently we've been seeing the NDP struggling in Atlantic Canada. Could part of that dip be caused by the small drop in Dexter's popularity?


  1. Why the Tories won't support the LPC motion on abortion:

    "Still, Liberals have to be careful since 40 per cent of the Grit supporters oppose funding abortions and a number of Liberal MPs are passionately pro-life."


  2. Why on earth do people think this is a bad issue for the Tories ?

    The Liberals really, really shot themselves in the foot by insisting on abortions.

    CPC should go up on the airwaves with an ad like this:

    Female voice 1 (worried) - The Liberals want to reopen the abortion debate in this country ??

    Female voice 2 (contemptous) - Don't worry, they're just trying to distract you from the fact that they've run out of ideas and have stopped showing up for work.

    Female voice 1 (exasperated) - Everyone's trying to save money and now the Liberals want to spend our tax dollars on overseas abortions!

    Voice over - Call your local MP and tell them we don't want our tax dollars going overseas to pay for abortions.

  3. Thanks for posting off topic, guys.

  4. Eric today's devastating loss for Ignatieff will indeed show up in the polls.

    Unbelievable. Why would he even introduce such a motion if he didn't know he had enough votes for it to pass!

  5. Earl, as a so-called "pro-life" Independent Liberal, I agree with you. A number of us probably don't like the idea of taxpayer funded abortions, or any funding for abortions.

    As for the question of whether Dexter's dip in the polls affects the national NDP, I'm not sure. That really depends on whether Nova Scotians can distinguish between Dexter's NDP and Layton's NDP.

  6. Eric today's devastating loss for Ignatieff will indeed show up in the polls.
    Indeed it will. For too long, people have taken reproductive choice for granted. Now they will see the government reveal its true colours, since this government is well known for getting cocky and stupid.

    Unbelievable. Why would he even introduce such a motion if he didn't know he had enough votes for it to pass!
    It was intended to be defeated, to let the CPC have a free run at digging itself in deeper. They can't claim "the Liberals made them do it" to their so-con base, which will insist on its view being enshrined in law. They will have little choice but to comply.

    I don't recall where, but there was a poll claiming that while 60% of Canadians are "against" abortion, only about 30% want the government wading back into the wombs of the nation. If even you are falling for the feint, then I can see it worked.

  7. I'm pretty sure the opposition often will introduce motions the government may vote down. Hell, even Stephen Harper has been willing to introduce motions he thought would get voted down.

  8. "It was intended to be defeated"

    Hah! Best spin i've heard in awhile.

    It was a clumsy attempt to make the CPC seem like they didn't support condoms, as per Cannon's gaffe.

    It got bogged down in anti-Americanism and wasn't worded clear enough on the abortion issue.

    Anyways I assume you'll be writing to Ignatieff and requesting the half dozen Liberal MPs responsible for defeating this motion be kicked out of caucus then Liberal Supporter ??

  9. How exactly is Canada going to look at the G8?

    Like a bunch of ass backwards rubes, thats how.

    Reproductive choice, and a woman's right to control her own body should be a fundamental basic right of all women.

    More so in the third world, with the devastating poverty.

    Why on earth do we want to encourage women in Africa to have more children when they can not feed and put clothes on the ones they already have.

    Does anybody think a women having 13 or 14 children is healthy.

    I thought the initiative was about maternal health and children.

    Harper and the conservative party are nothing but a bunch of right wing religious crackpots.

    This initiative is a farce, just a chance for Harper to try and show he is trying to do something, anything at the G8.

    I will now indulge in some of Shadow's favourite activity "Idle Speculation, and predict that Harper will no doubt have Canada looking like a jack ass.

    Once again

  10. Meltdown continues...
    Of course parliamentary votes aren't exactly a place for do-overs. But, somehow the general brouhaha resulted in the Speaker allowing the Liberals to re-vote, accurately this time.

    Charest in trouble the Liberals are going to have their hands full.

  11. 49 our initiative will include funding for family planning. The problem with family planning or abortion in the developing world is that most of the societies are male dominated and it is men who will not use condoms, men who will not permit abortions, men who want large families. We can try to change cultures but mostly we will run into a brick wall. Most of these cultures are are not only male dominated but highly religious. The culture and religion combine to defeat family planning. I think we ought to try but I don't see much chance of success. The better alternative in my mind is education, especially of women.

    My concern is that the LPC is trying to open up the abortion debate in Canada. I for one don't want the debate reopened. I am happy that women have a choice. I'm neither pro or anti life, just pro choice. This is second time Iggy has pulled abortion out as a wedge issue. If that is all he has to offer Canadians then I think Shadow is correct when he says that the LPC has nothing to offer. I sincerely hope that isn't the case.

  12. 49

    You missed the real point !!

    Vote is 144 to 138

    But the Tories have 145 seats??

    Yet they need several Liberals to get that 144??

    Meaning a bunch of Tories voted FOR the motion !!

    Apparently the whip wasn't strong enough ??

  13. Peter actually the Liberals did it to themselves. This was nothing more unfortunately than an attempt to embarrass the government. Here's the story:


  14. 144 + 138 = 282

    So 26 MPs did not vote.

  15. According to the G&M, 3 Liberal MPs voted against the motion. That means that, at most, 4 Conservative MPs didn't show up, along with 22 other opposition MPs.

    It should be easy enough to find out who voted and how.

  16. If you had watched QP the opposition kept using the word abortion and how many women die as a result.

    They did not use the word in the motion.

    The Party is trouble for this wedge issue.

    Earlier Tuesday, Ignatieff's office had told The Canadian Press it was a free vote of "conscience" for Liberal MPs, but the vote was subsequently whipped — with little effect.

    Mississauga MP Paul Szabo, one of three Liberals to vote against his party's motion, said no one told him it was a whipped vote.

    "I am a pro-life member of Parliament. This is a moral issue for me and I exercised the vote based on my conscience," he said.

    And while some Liberals maintained the motion wasn't about abortion, Szabo said the reference to Bush's so-called gag rule "was all about abortion."

    Reminds of the NFLD break...

  17. Earl,

    The CPC can not open the debate on abortion without serious damage to their brand.

    A McGill study shows the loss of the Catholic vote was significant.

    The loss of rural and visible minority votes as well.

    Google Anatomy of Liberal Defeat.

  18. 48% opposed. 46% support.

    Those were the HD numbers right Earl ? Just saw them quoted on power play.

    Hmm 40% gets you a majority in this country.

    How is this a bad issue for the CPC again ?

    Liberals divided. Liberals look weak. Harper's team gets a nice boost of morale and finds their footing.

    Watch out for that Candice Hoepner too!

    It was her private members bill that killed the gun registry remember.

    Just saw her take apart Martha Hall Findlay.

    That woman will be in cabinet soon.

  19. LOL!!

    Liberals accidently vote for the Conservative budget:


    Kady's tag is hilarious:

    "You think it's easy to cast a vote in the House of Commons?"

    Ignatieff is turning into Dion by the day!

  20. How long before leadership calls?


    In 1988, the Liberals forfeited one of the most significant characteristics of their party: unconditional respect for the leader. Even Lester Pearson and Trudeau had opponents within their ranks, but those divisions were never allowed to get in the way of a strong leadership.

  21. Hey CS don't push too hard. I was worried Iggy would actually leave last fall.

    I heard those news reports about him having depression and wanting to go back to Harvard.

    The Liberals would get a new leader, get a quick 5-10% bounce in the polls, it would cost a bunch of money to run new attack ads.

    Then Harper prorogued, CPC numbers dropped in exchange for senate control, the Liberals jumped for joy and suddenly Iggy was secure in his leadership.

    Now they've stalled again and the knives are out.

    Don't stir the pot too much! Remember a badly damaged, limping, ineffective leader like Ignatieff is preferable to a coup by Bob Rae.

    Of course, best of both worlds is a Liberal leadership race. An entire year of governing like Harper has a majority !

  22. Peter you really should read before you are rude. Intelligent people don't need to resort to profanity or the suggestion of it to make a point.

    I'd personally appreciate it if you could really try and contain your anger because someone doesn't share your point of view.



  23. I'm curious as to how that HD poll question was phrased.

    If it was, "Do you support government funding for foreign abortions?", as I suspect, then those numbers make sense.

    I think if the question were, "Do you think that the government should deny funding to aid organizations, based on their being pro-choice?" the numbers would be different.

    If the Liberals could have used better wording in their motion, it may have succeded.

    They should have came here for advice.

    If the reference to Bush wasen't in there, and the "global gag rule explained", with out using the term, they may have had the votes.

    Or maybe not.

    We'll never know now.

  24. What really matters is what happens at the G8, and what Canada does.

    I would really hate it if I heard some of the stories about Canada's initiative, anything like the ones due to the Bush/Reagan type policy.

    As I said yesterday, I'm not really sure what to think about that vote.

    I'm uneasy about it, but in wait and see mode.

    The Liberals did not come out of this covered in glory either.

    It was a badly worded motion, and had more then a whiff of crass politics about it.

  25. Earl,

    If we leave Africas sex education in the hands of Catholic missonaries, we might as well toss them to the wolves.

    It's difficult, to be extremely understated, to make positive change there, but we've got to at least try.

  26. AJR79 I would rather we actually get down the bussiness of saving lives.

    Clean drinking water, immunization programs, and vitamins/iron tablets for pregnant moms.

    Far cheaper, far more effective, and far more benefit to everybody then performing costly abortions that really are a drop in the bucket when we're talking about systemic, community wide problems.

    Some people seem to prefer to use government money to prove ideological points or because they have a weird fixation on population control.

    Saving lives seems like a better way to go about things at the G8.

  27. Shadow,

    How many childbirth deaths are caused by previous botched abortions?

    How many from concieving again, too quickly after giving birth?

    The same tactics of wedge, and suppress the vote that you decry Iggy for...
    Is exactly the politics you practice.

    You were willing to go to bat to have condoms not included in the program, so I don't believe you are about "saving lives".

    Family planning money shouldn't dominate the agenda, but any initiative like this, that doesn't include it, is handicapping itself.

    I'm for what works, and what is effective.

    We'll see soon enough what Harper has in mind.

  28. AJR79 I challenged you on condoms because you were espousing a simplistic ideologically driven world view. This silly notion that all we need to do is pay for some condoms!

    Gee, why hasn't Bill and Melinda Gates thought of that yet ?

    You were interested in using contraception as a case study for the evils of religion then actually weighing the various options.

    Indeed, if the Pope is as guilty as you suggest then condoms are useless aren't they ?

    We could flood Africa with them and they'd remain completely unused.

    And the daily rapes in the Congo committed by brain washed and drug addled fmr child soldiers, are they going to use protection ?

    As I pointed out, non-compliance is a huge issue. Sex ed by public health workers requires a sustained commitment. Cultural and religious practices are not easily overcome.

    When it comes to saving lives these investments are not that great a priority.

    #1 most basic thing would be getting clean drinking water to everyone in the world.

    DO that and then we can talk condoms.

  29. Food, water, and immunizations.

    Everything else is a culture war, ideological freak show distraction that we don't need.

  30. "Watch out for that Candice Hoepner too!

    It was her private members bill that killed the gun registry remember.

    Just saw her take apart Martha Hall Findlay. "

    Actually I saw her almost force Tom Clark to "lose it" !! He was furious because he could not get one straight answer out of her. No matter how he phrased the question all he got back was "talking points". that certainly isn't "responsible" Govt !!

    You could see him and Martha Findlay exchanging looks as Hoepner kept on "spinning" !! Both were disgusted.

  31. A Poll means nothing and can be framed to get the response you want.

    Q)Funding priorities for Third World to save lives

    1) Food
    2) Water
    3) Shelter
    4) Technology to provide 1,2,3
    5) Clothes
    6) Condoms
    7) Counseling
    8) Abortions
    9) Bicycle, (Green Transportation)
    10) Green Energy Sources
    11) Police, Courts
    12) Medical Centres
    13) Birth Control Pills

    Want to bet how the maslow hiearchy ranking does not change?

  32. Anne won last night exposing the intolerant left in subverting freedom of assemby and free speech.

    History has many examples, groups of young adults being manipulated to silence and attack dissenting views.

    The letter from the provost was a mistake and should be determind if this was the only time admin sent a muzzle warning to a conservative female presenter.

    The Human Rights Tribunal should investigate the administration on the percieved double standard after no action on Aprarthied Week.

    Nazi's Germany brown shirts
    Mussolini Black shirts
    China's cultural revolution.

    The publicity will only help her increase her fame and cast another mark on the intolerant left.

  33. Hey, freedom of speech includes the ability to shout someone down. The group hosting her speech was the one who cancelled her, not the university.

    After seeing her on PowerPlay, they should have allowed her to speak because she discredits herself. What a horrible person.

  34. Eric,

    you are avoiding the historical references to the mob rule and goons who break up dissenting speech, freedom of assembly.

    You are proving my point by arguing in favour of limiting my rights as you feel necessary to protect yours.

    Liberty is not all?

    1) Recourse is using our Rule of Law, and charging her with contravention of our laws.
    2) That did not take place.

    Do you agree to limit rights based on a very small number of people making decisions what qualifies as acceptable speech or assembly?

    The example of Aparthied Week demostrates a bias on what is being allowed for public discourse.

  35. Imagine me rolling my eyes.

    Bringing up Nazis and Communists? Sheesh. She's the one who called Obama's book Mein Kampf.

  36. Eric,

    You skipped the question.

    You support a small group of people to shut down free speech, freedom of assembly including "shouting down" dissenting views?

    I accept "roll eyes" as refusal to compare radicalization of youth in subversion of democracy.

  37. Your comparison is ridiculous. So is she. I'm proud that Ottawa refused to give such a radical loon a platform.

  38. Eric

    "So is she. I'm proud that Ottawa refused to give such a radical loon a platform."

    I agree completely, saw her on Power Play yesterday, what a "piece of work" !!

  39. I don't what CS, you are going on about.

    Coulter was allowed to enter Canada and speak was she not.

    The U of Ottawa, event was cancelled because of security concerns.

    I wish you would start practicing what you preach, and start to show some tolerance to others who disagree with you.

    After all I think most people here tolerate you.

    Do they not?

  40. Eric and Peter I would rather she have been permitted to to speak. She is a loon and letting her speak exposes her. It also denies those on the far right any claims of censorship. She's rude and arrogant and not terribly knowledgeable about politics or history. She invents facts. Far better to expose her and the ignorance of her followers.

  41. Hi Earl,

    You hit the nail right on the head.

    She discredits herself every time she opens her mouth.

    I personally don't know what the attraction is.

    She is not terribly bright is she?

    Let her rip, and expose herself for the ignorant, hateful, twit that she is.

  42. Earl,

    Please answer the question.

    You support a small group of people to shut down free speech, freedom of assembly including "shouting down" dissenting views?

    Did you condone the actions of those students?

    Someone is at fault and a few of us are unwilling to suggest the students are responsible.

    Are you unwilling to point a finger, lay blame?

    My historical comparison to the radicalization of the youth in preventing free speech and freedom of assembly makes many uncomfortable.

    Instead of attacking the comparison refute with facts and demostrate it to be "ridiculous".

    I am familiar with history in many countries, what took place in Spain, Italy, Germany, China with radicalization of the youth.

  43. Good analysis of Jack Layton's NDP:


  44. CS I said I would rather she have been allowed to speak!

  45. This whole Coulter cancellation, was actually a plot by the LPOC.

    It had to be done undercover, so as not to expose the fact, that yes the LPOC, is a Nazi, Fascist, and Communist party all at the same time.

    Communist, and Nazi, and fascist indoctrination is the goal of the LPOC.

    We long for the day we can turn Canada into China, or maybe nazi Germany.

    LPOC role models include Franco, Mussolini, Salazar, yes and even Hitler himself.

    The LPOC is an evil party hell bent on destroying Canada.

    Boy am I glad the secret is out.

  46. 49 me too. Now about your voting?

  47. Earl,

    I actually liked the old PC party.

    I live in Manitoba, and we had a PC government for many years under Gary Filmon.

    He was an excellent premier.

    The CPC party of today I find not to be like the old PC party.

    That is why I can not support them.

    If the CPC was being run by a person such as yourself, I might give them a look.

    So I am stuck.

    I will not support the NDP, because of their economic, and fiscal policies, and I can not support the CPC.

  48. Earl you posted,

    Eric and Peter I would rather she have been permitted to to speak."

    There is no evidence to support your statement from Peter,Eric extends to the University campus.

    Eric refutes you and defends "shouting down" is appropriate.

    Only you have stated she should be allowed to make a fool of herself. Does that include any location?

    My question is clear, asks about the actions of use "mob rule".

    I have not defended her views, just her right to air them.

  49. CS I also said let her speak and yes I was referring to to the University of Ottawa. Sometimes I wonder about you! I really do.

  50. I repeat.

    Ann Coulter's speaking engagement was cancelled due to security concerns.

    Earl did say to let her speak.

    Earl did say he had no respect for her opinions.

    Earl did say he believes in free speech.

    CS will you get off it.

    For goodness sake if people can tolerate your half baked, ideas lord knows they can tolerate anything.

    Stop your incessant trashing of what you believe to be an evil left.

    I thing we all understand you despise the LPOC.

    There are many people who despise the CPC.

    We are trying to have a sensible conversation, and you derail it, at every turn.

  51. "AJR79 I challenged you on condoms because you were espousing a simplistic ideologically driven world view. This silly notion that all we need to do is pay for some condoms!"

    Shadow, you are a liar!

  52. I'm not Marni Soupcoffs biggest fan, but this article, about Canadian free speech, was really good.

    I understand that the U of O is allowed to allow (or not) anyone they choose to speak,

    but is a sad day, when those who threaten violence, can stop someone from saying something contreversial.

  53. It's more likely that Levant and co. thought the "threat of violence" line would get them more headlines.

  54. Was Cannons statement a "gaffe", or a trial balloon?

    My hunch is the later.

    The full backpedal came after Canadian opinion was tested.

    If the CPC is willing to throw these kinds of bones to the religious, in a minority, who knows what they might do with a majority?

  55. And I disagree with Soupcoff. She doesn't seem to understand that Canada does indeed have limits to freedom of expression, and that those limits are one of the good things about this country.

  56. "Shadow, you are a liar!"

    AJR79 did you or did you not respond to my statement that public health workers would be needed in Africa with the statement:

    "How hard is it to use a condom?"

    I can go back and find your exact words if need be.

    You seemed to be under the impression that costly public health workers would not be needed to tell people how and why to use contraception.

  57. "you were espousing a simplistic ideologically driven world view. This silly notion that all we need to do is pay for some condoms!"

    Can't be any clearer.

    You lie.

  58. I stand by my assertion.

    We'll have to agree to disagree from this point on regarding this issue.

    However, it should be noted that your behaviour is bizzare, touchy, and out of charater.

    Usually disagreements don't descend into calling people names.

    This line from you was particularily objectionable:

    "You were willing to go to bat to have condoms not included in the program, so I don't believe you are about "saving lives"."

    Indeed, every $ spent on condoms is less effective then the same $ being spent on clean drinking water for an entire village.

    But you seem to believe they are the key to saving lives in Africa.

  59. Shadow,

    Was this a clean water initiative, or a maternal, and child health one.

    All I said was that such a program would have to include family planning to be the most effective.

    The only reasons to ignore all of the deaths caused by a lack of family planning, are "ideological" ones.

    Do you have some study in your back pocket that says $ spent on condems, are not part of an effective plan?

    If not, then why are you saying so?
    Why is Cannon saying so?

    BS pandering is why.

    Fresh water for all of Africa, is a laudable goal.

    Perhaps that's what this initiatve should have been about.

    Saying that you want to improve the health of women and children, and then excluding family planning, is a "a culture war, ideological freak show".

    Harper should know better, and so should you.

  60. AJR79 when a women becomes pregnant her immune system is naturally suppressed. Young children don't have a fully developed immune system yet.

    They are the MOST vulnerable to dirty water. Far more vulnerable then an adult man for instance.

    It is the single most serious issue in all of Africa and is only going to get worse in the 21st century as water shortages begin to appear.

    Until every mother and child has clean drinking water we shouldn't even be talking about condoms.

  61. Shadow,

    Maybe we shouldn't be talking about the health of women, and children at all, until every African has clean drinking water.

    That would be fine by me.

    I'm not he one who put forward the idea that this is about womans and childrens health, and then try to exclude family planning.

    How could Harper not have seen this coming?

    It's not like he wasn't warned about this.

    Perhaps he foresaw it, but thought this might benefit him politically.

    If he can't rise above this type of thing, then he doesn't even deserve to be PM, much less a majority PM.

    This stokes fears among the electorate about the "hidden so-con agenda", and rightly so.

    Just one more misstep, in a long line of them.

    We have different views on how a majority can be achieved.

    I find the "wedge and suppress" politics disgusting.

    I'm more for grabbing the centre, and governing in the best way possible.

    That means dropping the culture war stuff, and trying to be moderate enough on social issues, so that the centre isn't terrified of a Harper majority.

    My approach will work.
    I doubt yours will.

  62. This movie clip sums up nicely, how I feel when talking to so-cons, in my own party.

    You're going the wrong way!

    Some of my worst ideological enimies, are on the right fringe.

    I find them as resonable, as the leftie fringe.

  63. AJR79 I will offer no arguement on the fact that it was a stupid initiative.

    Aboriginal health would have fit far better into our current strategic framework with regards to the Americas and the North.

    But I read the Paul Well's piece you linked to and he seemed to be under the impression that the strategy you're suggesting would lead to a divided right just like it did for Mulroney.

    With the existence of the BQ every point counts.

    2 or 3% being bled to the Christian Heritage Party would be a disaster.

    I have no problem with throwing the religious right a bone every now and again for the sake of maintaining power.

  64. Meanwhile, back on the subject of the NDP is NS.

    Just looking at the federal results in NS, where the CPC got 26% & the Liberals 30%, the NDP 29%, and IND (Bill Casey's vote) 6%, illustrates the relative equalness between the 3 parties, and the regionalism between rural NS, Halifax, and Cape Breton.

    But Dexter has been succesfull in presenting competency, after the disapointing run of the PC's, that he is still able to pull support from both the Liberals and NDP. As long as he runs the provence like a Gary Doer, Manitoba type government, by balancing the budget, cutting taxes, and 'properly' spend on social services he should do well. But if the far left like the Bob Rae's or Glenn Clark types take over the provincial NDP, then they will be in trouble.

  65. Wells has some funny ideas, about social conservatism in Canada.

    I lean more towards Coynes assesment, but it might be wishful thinking on my part.

    Sorry about that Nortern Raven/Eric.

    It's my thinking that a variety of topics make these threads more interesting, then dryly assesing the polls.

    Since Eric seems to disagree, and it is his blog, I will refrain from doing so in the future.

  66. Discussion doesn't need to be about polls, but it would've been fun to have 50 comments about Nova Scotia politics rather than abortion or Coulter.

    Posts about federal polls are more suited for wide-ranging discussions.

    I don't mind going off on tangents, but when it gets to be a HUGE tangent, and many of them, it discourages people from posting about the actual topic of my blog post.

  67. Northern Raven hasn't Dexter suggested an increase in the HST ?

    I imagine that would lead to a drop in the polls.

  68. Eric,


    It is only fair to give those living in the provinces, a thread to discuss the ins and outs.

    Being totally ignorant of NS politics, I'm over and out on this thread.

  69. Going back to the NS poll, I think the main reason that the government has fallen so far since the last poll is the fact that the entire NS Assembly is embroiled in an expenses scandal akin to the one in the UK.


    ^^ The CBC article on the subject.

    Two MLAs have already resigned, and more will probably join them.

    This probably explains much of the NDPs fall from grace.

  70. The two MLAs who have resigned were a Liberal and Tory - no one from the NDP did anything warranting resignation. In any case, this expenses "scandal" makes people cynical about all politicians - but its not exactly making people say "oh gee, let's bring back Rodney MacDanald and the Tories!" and the Liberals are deep in the trough as well.

  71. DL what about the idea of an HST increase ?

    I guess the NDP is the party of the HST. Kinda steps all over the BC and Ontario messaging doesn't it ?

  72. But DL, there were abuses of the expense accounts by all three parties.

    (See $14,000 for office furniture by the NDP member from Hants East, or the $790 model boat for Speaker Charlie Parker's office?)

    True, most of the biggest offenders were former PC MLAs, and many of them were defeated in the 09 election, and while people are going to be disillusioned with politics in general, (CRA shows a 6% spike in the amount of undecided voters) it is going to negatively affect the party in power when the situation breaks, whether it is their "fault" or not.

  73. Let us remember that the NS NDP were scoring around 60 in the last poll, an unrealistic number for any premier other than Danny Williams to hold for very long. 46 percent is what they won in the election so it still looks good for them.


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