Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dexter Still Killing the Opposition

Corporate Research Associates polled Nova Scotians for their provincial voting intentions in February, and we're seeing some movement.Darrell Dexter's New Democrats are still well ahead of the Liberals with 46% to their 26%. However, that is a drop of seven points for the NDP since November and a gain of four points for the Liberals. Nevertheless, the gap is 20 points, and since February of last year the NDP is still showing a gain of 10 points.

The leaderless Progressive Conservatives are at 22%, up one point since November but still down eight since this time last year. The Greens are at 5%, also up one point.

49% of Nova Scotians are satisfied with Dexter's government, down 14 points since November.

He is still the favourite for Premier, however, with 35% (down nine). Stephen McNeil of the Liberals is the best man for the job for 26% (up five) while the "next PC leader" is at 11%. Good for him/her!

In federal polls recently we've been seeing the NDP struggling in Atlantic Canada. Could part of that dip be caused by the small drop in Dexter's popularity?