Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Eight: Assigned Readings

The Telegraph-Journal reports on the plans the two parties have concerning property taxes. The Liberals say the Progressive Conservative plan is a tax hike. The Progressive Conservatives say the Liberal plan passes the buck onto the municipalities. Then the Canadian Taxpayers Association stepped in and said both their plans are tax hikes. Oh, I don't know who to believe!

The Times & Transcript has a general overview of the campaign yesterday, including a handy list of promises made.

L'Étoile lays out the campaign strategies for the main parties, en français.

A report on today's federal EKOS poll will follow soon.

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  1. Interestingly, every apartment in my building today received a flyer from the company that owns the building imploring us to vote for whichever candidate's policies resulted in "the lowest property taxes." No specific party was endorsed, though. Good thing - from reading that article, it doesn't sound like property taxes in NB will be going down anytime soon.


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