Monday, September 6, 2010

Liberals now lead by one

The Telegraph-Journal has Corporate Research Associates' running poll in their print edition, but not online. The poll shows that the Liberals have moved back in front, and now lead with 43%.The Progressive Conservatives follow with 42%. Of course, with the margin of error this is still a tie.

The New Democrats have been stuck at 10% for a few days now, while the Greens are at 4% and the People's Alliance has fallen back to 1%.

This poll would give the Liberals 28 seats, a narrow majority of one over 26 for the Progressive Conservatives and one for the New Democrats.

In terms of best premier, Shawn Graham is down to 27%, down two from September 1. David Alward is also down a beat, to 25%. Roger Duguay follows with 6% and Jack MacDougall is at 5%.