Monday, September 20, 2010

Day Twenty-Six: Assigned Readings

We'll start the morning off with some light reading: a long report on NB Power's problems and how various governments have tried (or not) to fix them over the last few decades.

This CBC report indicates that voting at the advanced poll booths is going at a very good pace. That bodes well for voter turnout on September 27th.

Miramichi and Saint-John will be battlegrounds this week, according to the Telegraph-Journal.

This article is from Saturday, but talks about the race in Saint John Harbour, a riding rife with poverty and voter apathy. It is currently held by a Liberal but has a recent history of voting NDP. A recent CRA poll shows the Liberals leading with 39% to 24% for both the Progressive Conservatives and the New Democrats. But 45% of the riding's inhabitants were undecided in this September 12-14 poll.

The Times & Transcript reports on how many feel the main parties are leaving rural New Brunswick, a huge portion of the province, in the lurch.

A short and sweet profile of Moncton East, currently Liberal but previously Bernard Lord's Progressive Conservative seat.

Southeastern New Brunswick has a high proportion of female candidates in the race. Here's an in-depth look at this positive change.

Promises, promises! From the weekend.


  1. It would be interesting to see how voting at advanced polling relates to the final turnout... If I remember in 2008 advanced voting increased at the federal and Québec elections, but in the end the turnout was low.

  2. That would be interesting. In the case of New Brunswick, from what I understand this is the first time the advanced booths have ever been used in an election.


    CBC Poll.

  4. We have always had 2 days for advanced polls in NB, but this time it is the first where one could go to the local returning office and vote any day after the writ was dropped. This makes it very easy for anyone to vote and there is no longer a requirement to justify why one is not voting on election day.


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