Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day Twenty-Nine: Assigned Readings

Only four full days before voting day. My sources tell me that we shouldn't expect any more polls, which is unfortunate as it appeared that the gap was starting to close. But I'm comfortable with the projection as it currently stands, so I feel ready for Monday.

In the run up to that day, CBC reports that Saint-John is becoming a key battleground between the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives - but don't forget the New Democrats.

Alward is reckless while Graham is a liar. Stay classy, New Brunswick!

The last debate, a round table featuring Shawn Graham, David Alward, and Roger Duguay, will be broadcast tonight on CTV. With only a few days to go and fewer than 20% of New Brunswickers undecided, this could be a key moment in the campaign.

L'Étoile provides a very good summary of the campaign so far, and what's at stake for Monday (in French).