Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day Thirty-One: Assigned Readings

The campaign is in its last weekend, so why not some last minute promises? The Liberals will build a new YW-YMCA building in Saint John, while the Progressive Conservatives are pledging a new cruise ship berth in the city.

David Alward has suggested that New Brunswick gain more control over immigration, in the same way that Quebec has. He argues that New Brunswick will be better able to attract and target people with the skill sets the province needs.

Shawn Graham flatters Moncton, but will he still be there in the morning?

Bernard Lord's assessment of Monday's vote. He thinks Team Blue will win.

The Telegraph-Journal summarizes the 2006 election campaign.


  1. Voters in New Brunswick will vote blue, not because they like blue but because red lied to them. Voters in New Brunswick throw governments out, not vote governments in.


    New AR Poll. Comfortable CPC minority.


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