Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day Seven: Assigned Readings

The Daily Gleaner has a run down on the debate over health care. The Liberals want more doctors, clinics, and nurses. The Progressive Conservatives want more doctors, too. Alward says he wants more training spots opened and more incentive for doctors to stay in New Brunswick. Is he hinting people don't want to live in New Brunswick? The Greens and New Democrats responded that this is just more spending the province can't afford.

The Telegraph-Journal has a profile on Tracadie-Sheila, where NDP leader Roger Duguay is running.

We need some polls!

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  1. re: doctors

    It's a bit rich for either the Liberals or the PCs to be promising more money for health care, especially since the public explanation for the slew of cuts that occurred under both the Shawn Graham and Bernard Lord governments was that the current degree of health expenditures in New Brunswick is "unsustainable" (which is, for the most part, true). Add to that the fact that the current gov't has been engaged in legal manoevres attempting to roll back doctors' pay raises because they "can't afford them," and you have a heap of promises that smells like a heap of something else.

    It's incredibly ironic that the only party campaigning on fiscal responsibility and balancing the budget is the NDP. I might actually end up voting for them.


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