Monday, September 13, 2010

Day Nineteen: Assigned Readings

There are now only two weeks left of the campaign. As you'll see in a post later this morning, a gap is now forming in the previously close race.

In what seems to be a campaign theme, the New Democrats are proposing some democratic reform for donations, reports the CBC. The NDP would ban corporations and unions from donating and reduce the individual maximum from $6,000 (!) to $1,100.

The Liberals make their move on rural New Brunswick.

The Times & Transcript summarizes this weekend on the campaign, and says that the leaders are slowing down in preparation for this week's debates. On that note, does anyone know if or how people outside of New Brunswick can tune in?

The Daily Gleaner on why cynicism is good for everyone but the Liberals. Or, at least, why each party seems to think so. I think it's good for no one.