Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day Thirteen: Assigned Readings

The CBC profiles Charlotte-Campobello where the People's Alliance and Greens are running "star" candidates: the long-time mayor of St. Andrews on the one hand and a well known local activist on the other. The riding is currently held by the Progressive Conservatives, but the incumbent decided not to run again.

The Telegraph-Journal, meanwhile, has profiled the ridings in Moncton.

They're also reporting that, as the deadline for candidate nominations approaches, the Greens plan to run candidates in 50 ridings while the People's Alliance plans to run in 14. For the Greens, that would be an excellent turnout. For the People's Alliance, that is quite a bit less than the 20 or so they were talking about when the campaign began.

The Times & Transcript lists yesterday's campaign promises.